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“Identity is cause; brand is effect.” - Larry Ackerman

Helping you convey & convince your idea effectively.

We focus on presentation content and strategy that is guaranteed to move the audience to action, we help in improving style. We are a business consultancy & marketing company that provides solutions to exceed your business needs. Whether is a partnership you seek, market penetration, investors, advertising, talk to us now and take your business to where you want it to be.
The extent of what we can do for you and your business is only limited by your imagination...

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We are Online Integrated Concept Solutions. We are a team of motivated and creative-minded professionals with a combined experience of more than 15 years built on a common goal to add value and delight to our partners at all times.

Our Philosophy- Customers Are Really Everything -We C.A.R.E

This philosophy drives the way we deal with our partners when developing ideas to take their brand to great heights.

What makes us different

For us, innovation is not necessarily doing something new. It also means doing things differently, in unique ways, and achieving the best results.

We Would Build Your Brand

We would give your business the identity you need to claim your market share. We would help you define your business strengths and showcase your business to the right target audience. We would give your business a “Brand Identity”

We Will Help Your Business Grow

Are you looking for partners for your business or you are a retailer looking to sell your product? We can connect you to the right business partners and to your target audience

Let’s Help You Sell Your Product…

We develop content to help your customers understand your business. If you are a musician we can help you write that song, if you are a retailer, we can design your marketing collateral. Whatever content you need to grow your business, we will deliver!

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  • Consultants rarely have the of partnering with businesses when everything

Brand Promotions, We Put the Media at Your Disposal.


We have Television, Radio, OOH, and Print media (soft-sell, online, and hard-sell) partners in Nigeria. We also have international affiliates at your disposal. Do you need event coverage or you just want to tell your story? While not contact us now let’s turn your desire to reality.

  • Moving on up to the east side.
  • Finally got a piece of the pie.
  • Last of Americas deep probes.
  • My way to where the air is sweet.

We Would Give Your Business a Social Presence…

Let’s take your business online. We would develop your website and social media presence. We would ensure your business reaches the right target audience and protect your reputation online. We would promote your online assets using SEO & SEM. We would develop a mobile app and your online content.

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Companies bring in consultants when they have problems they can’t solve on challenge.


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